Pioneer DJM-5000 mixer,


DJ Chris Green form

Mobile DJs need more these days: more flexibility, more compatibility, more
possibilities and more punch. These requirements are now met by the latest
addition to the trusted DJM mixer family – the DJM-5000.

The ideal companion for our MEP-7000 media player, the DJM-5000 delivers 96kHz/24-bit sound and is also fully MIDI-enabled.
Its built-in sound card for the laptop DJ guarantees quick and convenient PC/Mac connectivity, while three microphone channels together with four mic effects and an Advanced talk over application allow meticulous control over MCs, announcements and vocals.

It also offers a dedicated Master/Zone output facility, enabling one DJ to manage two separate outputs across two different locations.

Adding to its knockout credentials, the DJM-5000 includes a new Sound Maximizer function that boosts EQ dynamics to suit play in any environment and breathe new life into MP3’s.


Master DJM-5000
Master Balance Yes
Cross Fader DJM-5000
Fader Curve 3
Assignable Yes
Mic DJM-5000
Mic Connection XLR/Phone Combo (x 1), XLR(x1), Phone (x1)
Mic EQ 3 band
Mic EQ Range -12 ~ +12 dB
Talkover ON/OFF Button
Talkover Attenuator Yes
Advanced Talkover Yes (Normal/Advanced)
Mic Effects 4 effects (Reverb, Echo+Verb, Octaver, Pitch)
Midi Info DJM-5000
Assignable Controls 61
MIDI Out (DIN) 1 (USB vasıtasıyla)
MIDI On/Off Yes
Soundcard DJM-5000
Frequency 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz
Specifications DJM-5000
SN Ratio: Line 102 dB
Features DJM-5000
Demo Video Watch
MIDI/HID Control USB-MIDI controls (61 fully assignable)
No. of Channels 4
Sampling Rate / Depth 96kHz / 24-bit
Channels DJM-5000
Channel EQ 3 band
EQ Range -26 ~ +6
Level Meter Type Individual
Level Meter Size 10 segment
Input DJM-5000
CD/LINE Input (RCA) 6
S/PDIF Digital Input (RCA) 2
MIC Input (XLR) 1
MIC Input (1/4 inch Jack) 1
MIC Input (XLR/Jack Combo) 1
RETURN (1/4 inch Jack) 1
USB-A 3 (44.1/48kHz, 16/24bit)
Output DJM-5000
Master Output (XLR) 1
Master Output (RCA) 1
Zone Output (XLR) 1
Booth Output (1/4 inch Jack) 1 (T.R.S)
Rec Out (RCA) 1
Send (1/4 inch Jack) 1
Booth Monitor Yes
Master DJM-5000
Stereo/Mono Switch Yes
Level Meter Size 10 Segment
Master Out Attenuator Yes
Zone DJM-5000
Level Meter Size 10 Segment
Zone Out Attenuator Yes
Effect/Sampler DJM-5000
Sound Maxmizer Yes
Soundcard DJM-5000
Sample Rate 16-bit or 24-bit
Specifications DJM-5000
Dimensions (W x H x D) 482.6 x 107.8 x 225.1 mm
Weight 8.9 kg
Power Consumption 33 Watt
SN Ratio: Mic 84 dB
Harmonic Distortion 0.005%
Crosstalk: Line 80 dB dB
Rack Mount 19-inch rack mountable
Cross Fader DJM-5000
Cross Fader Type Carbon Rail
Effect/Sampler DJM-5000
Sound Processor 32-bit sound processor


School Prom Disco in Oxford.

School Prom at the Randolph Hotel in Oxford.

Hi to all the teachers and students, at Henry Box School. I just like to say a big thank you form me, Chris Green the dj .yet another great night i had with all of you. and i hope the feeling was mutual and thanks to all the staff at the Oxford Randolph Hotel. Intill we do it again next year.