Kirby’s 21st at River ibis club Reading.

Hi Chris & Jackie

I would like to thank you both for an amazing night. Chris,the set up was brilliant and there was a great mix of music!The lights were amazing. Every guest had the best night out.Even the bar staff at the venue said the set up before we all got there was the most organised and professional they had seen at the venue.They even had a great night dancing away whilst serving drinks and got on the dancefloor at the end!
All Kirby’s friends and family commented on a brilliant night.This was reflected by all the people on the dancefloor!We would have no hesitation in recommending you and would say that by having you there,it would guarantee a brilliant night! Everyone had an amazing time and Chris you knew exactly what to say and play to get everyone up and joining in.From start to finish,the music,chat and atmosphere was amazing! Thank you so much for making our daughters 21st birthday so memorable! Fantastic night!!

We wanted to post a comment on your website but couldn’t see where we could so I thought I would send the email for you to post on your site with our consent.

Kind Regards

Phil Gilesc gevents  40th Birthday Party

Pioneer DDJ SX,from,Ascot,Berkshire

pioneerrr DDJ-SX are immediately familiar and have borrowed heavily from the latest range of CDJ players both in layout as well as controls. Each of the two control sections is dominated by a nicely sized silver jog wheel with an LCD display at the centre to give visual feedback as to the current track position. The jog wheels are very high resolution giving great performance and can be used in either CDJ mode or Vinyl mode. A feature taken from the latest CDJs is the Slip mode with can be engaged via a button which is located next to the jog wheels and is an inclusion that will make a lot of DJ from as i use the latest technology in controlier.DDJ SX PIONEER 4 CHANNEL DJ CONTROLLER.

Pioneer DJM-5000 mixer,


DJ Chris Green form

Mobile DJs need more these days: more flexibility, more compatibility, more
possibilities and more punch. These requirements are now met by the latest
addition to the trusted DJM mixer family – the DJM-5000.

The ideal companion for our MEP-7000 media player, the DJM-5000 delivers 96kHz/24-bit sound and is also fully MIDI-enabled.
Its built-in sound card for the laptop DJ guarantees quick and convenient PC/Mac connectivity, while three microphone channels together with four mic effects and an Advanced talk over application allow meticulous control over MCs, announcements and vocals.

It also offers a dedicated Master/Zone output facility, enabling one DJ to manage two separate outputs across two different locations.

Adding to its knockout credentials, the DJM-5000 includes a new Sound Maximizer function that boosts EQ dynamics to suit play in any environment and breathe new life into MP3’s.


Master DJM-5000
Master Balance Yes
Cross Fader DJM-5000
Fader Curve 3
Assignable Yes
Mic DJM-5000
Mic Connection XLR/Phone Combo (x 1), XLR(x1), Phone (x1)
Mic EQ 3 band
Mic EQ Range -12 ~ +12 dB
Talkover ON/OFF Button
Talkover Attenuator Yes
Advanced Talkover Yes (Normal/Advanced)
Mic Effects 4 effects (Reverb, Echo+Verb, Octaver, Pitch)
Midi Info DJM-5000
Assignable Controls 61
MIDI Out (DIN) 1 (USB vasıtasıyla)
MIDI On/Off Yes
Soundcard DJM-5000
Frequency 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz
Specifications DJM-5000
SN Ratio: Line 102 dB
Features DJM-5000
Demo Video Watch
MIDI/HID Control USB-MIDI controls (61 fully assignable)
No. of Channels 4
Sampling Rate / Depth 96kHz / 24-bit
Channels DJM-5000
Channel EQ 3 band
EQ Range -26 ~ +6
Level Meter Type Individual
Level Meter Size 10 segment
Input DJM-5000
CD/LINE Input (RCA) 6
S/PDIF Digital Input (RCA) 2
MIC Input (XLR) 1
MIC Input (1/4 inch Jack) 1
MIC Input (XLR/Jack Combo) 1
RETURN (1/4 inch Jack) 1
USB-A 3 (44.1/48kHz, 16/24bit)
Output DJM-5000
Master Output (XLR) 1
Master Output (RCA) 1
Zone Output (XLR) 1
Booth Output (1/4 inch Jack) 1 (T.R.S)
Rec Out (RCA) 1
Send (1/4 inch Jack) 1
Booth Monitor Yes
Master DJM-5000
Stereo/Mono Switch Yes
Level Meter Size 10 Segment
Master Out Attenuator Yes
Zone DJM-5000
Level Meter Size 10 Segment
Zone Out Attenuator Yes
Effect/Sampler DJM-5000
Sound Maxmizer Yes
Soundcard DJM-5000
Sample Rate 16-bit or 24-bit
Specifications DJM-5000
Dimensions (W x H x D) 482.6 x 107.8 x 225.1 mm
Weight 8.9 kg
Power Consumption 33 Watt
SN Ratio: Mic 84 dB
Harmonic Distortion 0.005%
Crosstalk: Line 80 dB dB
Rack Mount 19-inch rack mountable
Cross Fader DJM-5000
Cross Fader Type Carbon Rail
Effect/Sampler DJM-5000
Sound Processor 32-bit sound processor