Dance Party in the Winning Post,Twickenham,

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Welcome to cgevents Party DJ with Experience, I specialise in providing themed disco’s experience Wedding, and 70s & 80s also Corporate parties. We offer you a unique experience.Are tailord to your own event.

“Whether you want to boogie to Beyonce, move like Michael Jackson,You choose the theme and we’ll have you tearing up the dance floor in no time with props and dance moves to turn your special occasion into the ultimate dance party experience” call chris now 07714025333/01344 286951. or go to

30th Birthday in Twickenham Stadium,

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Sample with all the fine wines, spirits and cool tunes to really let your hair down. Choose from our selection of corporate events packages below at the hottest sporting venues in the UK.

DJ Chris Green

DJ Chris Green

Pioneer DJM-5000 mixer,


DJ Chris Green form

Mobile DJs need more these days: more flexibility, more compatibility, more
possibilities and more punch. These requirements are now met by the latest
addition to the trusted DJM mixer family – the DJM-5000.

The ideal companion for our MEP-7000 media player, the DJM-5000 delivers 96kHz/24-bit sound and is also fully MIDI-enabled.
Its built-in sound card for the laptop DJ guarantees quick and convenient PC/Mac connectivity, while three microphone channels together with four mic effects and an Advanced talk over application allow meticulous control over MCs, announcements and vocals.

It also offers a dedicated Master/Zone output facility, enabling one DJ to manage two separate outputs across two different locations.

Adding to its knockout credentials, the DJM-5000 includes a new Sound Maximizer function that boosts EQ dynamics to suit play in any environment and breathe new life into MP3’s.


Master DJM-5000
Master Balance Yes
Cross Fader DJM-5000
Fader Curve 3
Assignable Yes
Mic DJM-5000
Mic Connection XLR/Phone Combo (x 1), XLR(x1), Phone (x1)
Mic EQ 3 band
Mic EQ Range -12 ~ +12 dB
Talkover ON/OFF Button
Talkover Attenuator Yes
Advanced Talkover Yes (Normal/Advanced)
Mic Effects 4 effects (Reverb, Echo+Verb, Octaver, Pitch)
Midi Info DJM-5000
Assignable Controls 61
MIDI Out (DIN) 1 (USB vasıtasıyla)
MIDI On/Off Yes
Soundcard DJM-5000
Frequency 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz
Specifications DJM-5000
SN Ratio: Line 102 dB
Features DJM-5000
Demo Video Watch
MIDI/HID Control USB-MIDI controls (61 fully assignable)
No. of Channels 4
Sampling Rate / Depth 96kHz / 24-bit
Channels DJM-5000
Channel EQ 3 band
EQ Range -26 ~ +6
Level Meter Type Individual
Level Meter Size 10 segment
Input DJM-5000
CD/LINE Input (RCA) 6
S/PDIF Digital Input (RCA) 2
MIC Input (XLR) 1
MIC Input (1/4 inch Jack) 1
MIC Input (XLR/Jack Combo) 1
RETURN (1/4 inch Jack) 1
USB-A 3 (44.1/48kHz, 16/24bit)
Output DJM-5000
Master Output (XLR) 1
Master Output (RCA) 1
Zone Output (XLR) 1
Booth Output (1/4 inch Jack) 1 (T.R.S)
Rec Out (RCA) 1
Send (1/4 inch Jack) 1
Booth Monitor Yes
Master DJM-5000
Stereo/Mono Switch Yes
Level Meter Size 10 Segment
Master Out Attenuator Yes
Zone DJM-5000
Level Meter Size 10 Segment
Zone Out Attenuator Yes
Effect/Sampler DJM-5000
Sound Maxmizer Yes
Soundcard DJM-5000
Sample Rate 16-bit or 24-bit
Specifications DJM-5000
Dimensions (W x H x D) 482.6 x 107.8 x 225.1 mm
Weight 8.9 kg
Power Consumption 33 Watt
SN Ratio: Mic 84 dB
Harmonic Distortion 0.005%
Crosstalk: Line 80 dB dB
Rack Mount 19-inch rack mountable
Cross Fader DJM-5000
Cross Fader Type Carbon Rail
Effect/Sampler DJM-5000
Sound Processor 32-bit sound processor


Pioneer (GB) Ltd UK,

cgevents equipment,

Multi-entertainment player and controller, especially for the mobile DJ and bar market

Dynamic digital media playback and MIDI-control via USB

Area-Colour OEL, 4.3-inch colour LCD for express music mapping

Scratch-happy Jog Wheel and a wide range of effects

Auto Mix for automatic mixed playback of tracks from Play List

Library Function: Select tracks from various categories, such as genre/artist

Tempo Control Range : Choose from 4 maximum ranges for the tempo slider: ±6, ±10, ±16, and WIDE ±100. (WIDE mode is not available with MP3/AAC/WAV and AIFFs files.)

Pitch Bend Button: Achieve fine adjustment of track speed simply by pressing the button

Seamless Loop: Repeats a loop without interruption. Loops can be set as small as approx. 0.013 seconds up to infinity

Hot Loop: Return to a loop-in point during loop playback. Start over the loop playback by just pressing a button

Memory Cue/Loop: The unit can memorise any CUE/LOOP point at the press of a button

Auto BPM (Beats Per Minute) Counter: Automatically measures and digitally displays a track’s tempo

Digital Output and Monitor Out Terminals: Output audio digitally and select tracks using a large external display

Keyboard Available: Select tracks swiftly and input characters directly

Legato Link Conversion: Reproduces richer and more natural sound with WIDE range playback by up sampling, 44.1 kHz to 176.4 kHz, the audio information lost in a CD format

Vibration Proof Construction: Shockproof memory plus floating mechanism used in Pioneer’s Car audio components helps prevent skipping and resists vibration

Rack-Mount-Ready: Ready for rack mounting, which is useful for club/studio installations. (EIA compliant)

The Pioneer MEP7000 is a compact, easy-to-transport Professional Multi-Entertainment Player inheriting the basic functions and operability of the popular Pioneer CDJ series turntables. In addition to playback of conventional music from CD/CD-ROM/DVD-ROM discs, the Pioneer MEP7000 enable users to play MP3/AAC files stored on various memory media formats. The system also enables DJs to easily create and set up pre-programmed play lists for gigs or background music.

Flexible Audio Format Playback – As well as playback of traditional audio compact discs, the Pioneer MEP7000 supports MP3/AAC/WAV/AIFF stored in a USB memory devices, hard disc drive (HDD) and CD-R/RW and DVDR/RW allowing for easy playback of existing music libraries and new digital downloads.

4.3-Inch Color LCD & Intelligent Graphical User Interface – In addition to the high-resolution 4.3-inch color LCD panel, an intelligent graphic user interface and rotary selector enables rapid track search through large collections of digital audio files. A play list function also speeds the track selection process for recalling frequently played songs.

Control Functions for Pioneer’s DJ software (DJS) and Other PC Applications – The Pioneer MEP7000 CD player ships with Pioneers DJS all-in-one DJ software application for playback from a Windows based computer (PC not included). When the system is connected to the DJS, no mouse or keyboard is required for navigation and DJ performance. The Pioneer MEP7000 CD player also supports control of other software, such as SERATO Scratch LIVE, without the need of the control discs. It can also act as a full MIDI controller for any MIDI-compatible PC application.

Scratch Jog Effect and Digital Jog Break enhance DJ performance – In addition to traditional scratching, the Pioneer MEP7000 CD player also features two patterns of Scratch Jog Effects – BUBBLE5 and TRANS5. Three patterns of Digital Jog Break effects freely control the audio effects according to the rotation of the jog dial – JET*6 / ROLL*6 / WAH*6 broadening the scope of any DJ performance.

Auto Mix Function – An auto mix function automatically mixes playback of the tracks registered on the play list in four modes such as ECHO or ZIP. Audio is seamlessly beat matched and mixed on the fly.

Industry’s First Area-Color Organic Electroluminescence (OEL) Display – Two high-visibility Area-Color OEL displays provide outstanding visibility for the pitch, playback time and position information. Together with its main 4.3-inch color LCD, the OEL display ensures smooth DJ play regardless of lighting conditions.

Also Features – Karaoke CD+G Support. Library Function. 6/10/16/Wide Pitch Ranges. Pitch Bend Buttons. Seamless Loop. Hot Loop. Memory Cue/Loop. Auto BPM Counter. Digital Output. Composite Montitor Output for CD-G Karaoke Graphics. USB Keyboard support (not included). Anti-Shock Memory.

hire form

hire form

Wedding at the Royal Berkshire Hotel,in Asco.

Wedding Reception at the Royal Berkshire,in Ascot.

Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding day something special.  I’d like to offer an extra big thank you to Chris Green form cgevents, for his attention to all help in makeing the room look nice. a And all your staff went beyond the call of duty for us on the day,  please pass on our thanks. Nick/Carly.

DJ Chris Green

DJ Chris Green

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Stoke Poges Village Fete,

Hi Chris – another fantastic performance, you’re still the talk of our village.
I’ve just posted the following on a facebook post – please feel free to use or make relevant as a recommendation for your fantastic services.
Martin Wood His name is Chris Green and you can book him on line at He can certainly read a crowd and entertain them brilliantly – He started off with chilled out summer music that was great to sit in the sun with a drink to start off the evening and slowly, song by song the tempo increased until he had everyone rocking – if you missed him – you missed out.

Contact CG Events – For mobile disco hire, karaoke, party ideas, DJs, entertainm…ent, equipment hire, music and dance in and around Bracknell, Reading, Berkshire, London, Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire and Sussex. A guaranteed disco for any occassion and it’s all you need for a great night out.